UK Chichester based and formed by Tex Nash (vocals), Graham Hutchason (guitars, keyboards and backing vocals), Steve Swatton (bass and backing vocals) and Graham Linn (drums), the band have achieved their own style of melodic/mainstream rock.


Initially on forming, the intention was to concentrate on creating a live set of cover tracks in order to start playing live, however the band were immediately drawn into writing their own material which a few are now included in the live set. Although collectively their influences are varied, a natural writing chemistry was obvious from the start and the ‘Spudgun Assassins’ sound has formed naturally.


With an emphasis on strong melodies and hooks, all songs are written, recorded and produced by the band. This ‘Spudgun Assassins’ 6 track EP is the bands first release and plans are already in place for future recording as well as getting out and playing live. 


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Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals

Lead Vocals


Guitar, Keyboards &

Backing Vocals



Drums & Percussion

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