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All In My Mind


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Written & Produced By Spudgun Assassins
Mastered By Phoebe Hutchason

All In My Mind.
2021 was a devastating year for us with the loss of our brother Hutch. He was taken without warning from a heart attack. This left us numb and the loss of our guitarist has put us all into shock. Our instinct has been to release more music as a cathartic process and a tribute to our friend. We have been incredibly grateful to be able to work with his daughter Phoebe Hutchason on keys and long time friend Ally Burnside on guitars. Without them both this simply wouldn’t have been possible. Phoebe also mastered this track as her skills as a now, full time composer, created a fantastic chance to keep everything’ in house’. She spent many hours with her dad at spud rehearsals, gigs and recording sessions so she simply gets ‘the Spud sound’. Ally was faced with an uphill challenge and thrown in at the deep end as the track was very much in its infancy to start. There’s always been the upmost genuine respect from the two guitarists for each other, so there simply wasn’t a better man to step up and help bring this to life. Although playing in his own style which we encouraged, his approach has very much been respectful and sensitive to Hutch and the sound of the Spuds. Written some time ago ‘All in my mind’ focusses on the subject of mental health and specifically anxiety. We all suffer at some point with personal struggles, however so many including those close to our hearts live with the overwhelming struggle of anxiety which can control every aspect of living. This song is not only about recognising this but it’s hoping we can all look after and be there for each other when we need it. We’re very proud of this release and hope we’ve done our Spudgun Assassins brother Hutch proud.

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