Spudgun Assassins


So we have to say we’re pretty damn excited to announce that lifelong friend and guitarist Ally Burnside has now joined the Spudgun Assassins as a permanent member.


When we tragically lost Hutch last year we didn’t really know what the future would hold. Our main focus was to continue with recording a single in honour of our friend, and as well as Phoebe (Hutches daughter on keys) Ally stepped in without hesitation to help us do just that. Both guitarists have always had a huge respect for each other and the recording of ‘All in my mind’ felt right from the start.


Ally brings his own style of blues edged rock and the man is a songwriting machine so the next adventure starts now with Hutch in our hearts. Our philosophy has always been about friendship, writing good music and plenty of laughs. With Ally joining us we fully intend to continue the journey.


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