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spudgun assassins

Graham Hutchason 1962-2021


Graham or Gra is how most know him, but to us, his Spudgun Assassins band mates he is simply Hutch.

As a man he was a quiet, gentle soul, deep in his thoughts, loved and respected by his vast number



of friends, but to us he was so much more which we would like to share.

Hutch was our orchestrator, our musical genius, technical wizard, multi instrumentalist, a man on a mission, but above all our brother and friend. He was an incredibly talented and unique musician that thrived in creating the music we wrote together. From the subtle to the sublime, Hutch’s genius, unmistakable tone and sense of melody has been the hallmark of our sound since day one. Hugely respected by his peers, but Hutch always struggled to see just how damn good he was. More comfortable out of the spotlight, letting his guitar do the talking.

We’ve shared an amazing journey full of highs and lows, laughter and tears, with music and friendship being the glue that’s held us together all this time. So, so many great memories. The four of us were preparing to start recording new music we’d written in the near future, and we fully intend to complete that task with his daughter Phoebe, as our lasting tribute.

And so here’s to you our brother and friend. So difficult to accept you’ve left the gig so early. I know you’d be uncomfortable with the fuss but we’ve got to say we’ll miss you bad and love you mate.

Turn it up Hutch, wherever you are.


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